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Secrets About Sinus Lifts in Buffalo, NY

A sinus lift, or a sinus augmentation, is a surgery designed to add more healthy bone mass to the base of the jaw. Generally performed by oral surgeons or periodontists sinus lifts in Buffalo, NY strengthen the bone below the gum line if it has softened or decayed over time.

Why do I need a sinus lift?

Dental implants cannot be placed without adequate mass in the jaw bone. Unfortunately, bone loss across Buffalo, NY is quite common for several reasons.

  1. The upper jaw is naturally thinner than the lower jaw, and if someone has lost a tooth it will be even thinner. After a tooth has been lost, the bone is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream making it very difficult to place implants.
  2. Chronic periodontitis will result in considerable bone loss. Either as a consequence of a lost or extracted tooth or poor dental hygiene, harmful bacteria can eat away at both the gums and jaw bone.
  3. The sinus cavity does vary in shape and size from person to person. If the maxillary sinus is too close to the upper jaw, an oral surgeon won’t have enough space to place dental implants.

What does a sinus lift procedure in Buffalo, NY involve?

An oral surgeon will make a small circular incision in the gums at the back of the mouth revealing the bone behind it. After lifting away this flap, your physician will remove a piece of the sinus membrane separating the gum from the bone.

Several milligrams of bone-graft material will be packed into place where the sinus membrane was, and then your surgeon will close up the tissue with stitches. You’ll need between four and nine months of recovery time before you can have dental implants.

Immediately after the surgery, make sure to rest and avoid sneezing or blowing your nose forcefully so as not to dislodge the bone-graft material. Keep the sinuses moist with a saline spray and take medication prescribed to you by your doctor to prevent inflammation and congestion.

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