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Your Guide to Oral Surgery in Buffalo, NY

Oral surgery, also known as maxillofacial surgery, is one of the nine specialized areas of dentistry. Surgeons are qualified to treat a variety of conditions or diseases. Oral Surgeons treat conditions relating to the head, neck, face, or jaw including extraction, implants, and reconstructive surgery. Let's learn about what to expect with oral surgery in Buffalo, NY! 

When should I go to an oral surgeon?

Oral surgeons offer a wide variety of services ranging from simple dental implants all the way to tumor and cyst extractions. You may also visit an expert for cosmetic surgery or recurring facial pain due to structural abnormalities.

Typically, your dentist should refer you to a local Buffalo, NY oral surgeon if he feels that a procedure can't be performed under local anesthesia alone or requires any serious incisions. Even if a dentist may normally treat you, he or she may ask a more specialized professional to help you if there are any unique complications.

Can any dentist in Buffalo, NY perform oral surgery?

Dentists are qualified professionals with post-graduate training in dental medicine. However, oral surgeons must complete an additional four-year residency program alongside medical students of various disciplines.

If you suffer from limited mobility or have fractured, broken teeth, or impacted teeth you'll probably need the services of a surgeon. Even if a dentist feels comfortable performing an operation, he'll require you to visit an oral surgeon if he feels you could benefit from the diagnosis and expertise of a specialist.

What conditions can oral surgeons in Buffalo, NY treat?

Certified oral surgeons of Buffalo, NY can do the following:

  • Extract broken and impacted teeth including wisdom teeth
  • Place dental implants
  • Diagnose facial pain associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and other related conditions
  • Perform surgery to treat obstructive sleep apnea
  • Reconstruct problematic bone structure around the mouth and jaw
  • Remove cysts and tumors
  • Prescribe treatment for oral cancers
  • Perform cosmetic surgery

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