I-CAT 3D Imaging in Buffalo, NY?

Need I-CAT 3D Imaging in Buffalo, NY?

Your dentist may have you undergo I-CAT 3D imaging in Buffalo, NY in preparation for implants and other oral surgeries. This modern technology is the safest, most accurate way for specialists to assess dental structures and plan treatment procedures.

What is I-CAT 3D imaging?

I-CAT scans, computerized axial tomography, make use of an x-ray procedure designed to create cross-sectional and three-dimensional views of internal structures. Unlike traditional x-rays, I-CAT scans do not only show the bone mass beneath, but also the bone density, tissue mass, and nerve cells lying below the surface.

A Cone Beam Imaging System will take hundreds of photos of the head all while the patient is comfortably seated in the practitioner's office. The scanner will compile the photos generating a realistic model of the face and jaw area thereby allowing a dentist to observe a specific area from multiple angles.

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Why should I use I-CAT 3D imaging?

  • Less Radiation: Even though the type of beams used in an I-CAT scan are the same used in x-rays, 3D imaging machines use 95% less radiation simply because they can be completed so quickly.
  • More Accurate: I-CAT 3D Imaging is ten times more accurate than traditional medical scanners and provides far more information than even several x-rays. Physicians in Buffalo, NY frequently discover unknown medical issues because of these images.
  • Far Quicker: Modern I-CAT technology takes about half a minute to complete, and it eliminates the need for multiple procedures.

How will my I-CAT images be used?

Because I-CAT images enable dentists to examine cross-sections of the jaw in great, detail, they are the perfect diagnostic tools. They are often used for the following across the Buffalo metropolitan area:

  • Assess the quality and density of the jaw bone to determine whether it's strong enough to support dental implants
  • Plan surgical procedures in advance
  • Identify the location of nerves
  • Catch tumors in their early stages

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